I spent 26 years of my working life in the wine cellars beneath the Houses of Parliament. My only company was Guy Fawkes' ghost and a lot of claret. Enough to turn a body into a babbling wreck. So my retirement home was to be either a padded cell or a railway room. As they don't allow sharp objects in padded cells, I had no choice. My family looked on sympathetically when I said the airing
"He's lost it" said son.
"I've heard it happens to men at his age" said daughter.
"Leave him alone to play" said spouse "and don't annoy his imaginary friends."

Cultivating this apparent insanity has proved to be very useful. Like the proverbial "Nut on the bus", I get left alone.

"Leave your father alone, He's listening to Hawkwind and he has a sharp knife in his hand."

As it turned out, the airing cupboard is an excellent workshop. With a fold-out worktop, I sit at it, not in it. It is completely fitted out with all the usual modelling paraphernalia and a small stereo system (with headphones for the graveyard shift). It resides on the upstairs landing, as does my layout. Built atop the wall around the stairwell, it occupies an "L" shaped area that no one else had claimed a use for.

The only problem is, the landing can carry some heavy traffic at times. Teenage kids have lots of friends in and out of their rooms. Each is equipped with the required TV, video and sound system.
The “Makings” — kettle etc., in the blockpost
7 mm scale — 0-16.5 & 0-9 gauges
Apart from the logos and banners belonging to other individuals or organisations - which are all used with their permission, all else is

Teetering is about to be cannibalised to provide the basis for a new layout and therefore this section of the website will no longer be updated. As I feel there is much information on here that may be of benefit to others, I am going to leave it available to visit. Rather than start a new site for the new layout, I intend to add it to this one in a separate section. Pages such as all the Modelling Tips and Links will be re-vamped and added to as work progresses.

There will be a new homepage where you will be able to choose to go to Teetering or the new Layout (yet to be named). The URL will remain the same for continuity’s sake, and the two sections will have different coloured backgrounds, so you know where you are.

With a better camera and the new layout in a more favourable location, there should be more “Work-in-progress” photos available.

So, as they say, “Watch this space.” The keen-eyed among you will probably spot various bits and bobs from the old layout, nestling in the new one. Most will be scrapped though. One of the benefits of working in card is that it is inexpensive. Although my family regard its dismantling and the re-building as utter madness, I just put it down to research and development.

They are happy to call me mad. I am happy to have a new project.

And hopefully you will be happy that you can still visit.